• Raw Indian Hair Extensions

Raw Indian Hair Extensions


Our Raw Indian Hair Extensions are obtained from the temple of south india. Our hair is 100% unprocessed virgin hair, no chemicals, dyes, or cleaners are used in any steps of our collection process.

This hair comes in the natural wavy pattern just as it was on the donors head before it was collected so no mechanical processing or chemical processing has been done to this hair.

Our Raw Indian Hair Extensions are collected from one single donor and banded together in single bundles to ensure that hair from other donors aren't mixed in. This guarantees that all of our bundles are 100% virgin remy hair. Our Raw Indian Hair is extremely thick and full from the roots to the ends.

We use high grade cotton based thread in our wefts to provide durability and longevity.

Our Raw Indian Hair is put through a multi stage hot wash and washed with herbal based shampoos and conditioners, once this is done the hair is sun-dried to ensure no use of direct heat.

With proper care our Raw Indian Hair can last up to 2+ years.

We wrote a great article explaining what raw hair is, if you would like to learn more about raw Indian hair feel free to check it out!

  • Lengths:  10" - 24"
  • Wefts:  Machine Double Stitch
  • Style:  Natural Wavy
  • Weight:  100 grams / 3.5 oz

Shipping - Orders ship the same day if ordered before 3 pm ET. Orders arrive in 1 - 3 business days. Overnight shipping is available.

  • Hair extensions are machine wefted
  • Weight of hair bundles is 100g/3.5oz each
  • Temple Hair
  • Various lengths and textures available
  • Offer Raw Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, and Malaysian Hair
  • 100% human hair
  • Virgin Remy Hair (Thick and full from roots to the ends)
  • Hair cuticles are intact and flowing in the same direction
  • Natural Hair Texture
  • Can be colored, curled, and straightened


F.A.Q about Raw Virgin India Hair

Q: Is your raw virgin hair extensions 100% virgin hair?

A: Yes our raw virgin hair extensions are 100% virgin remy hair collected from one single donor. Our hair is procured from the south Indian temples. Once the hair is removed from the donors head it is bundled immediately and only unbundled during the wefting process to ensure the hair isn't mixed with hair from any other donor.

Q: Do you offer kinky curly or body wave?

A: No, our raw virgin hair is unprocessed meaning it comes in the natural wave pattern just as it was on the donors head. If you need hair with processed wave patterns check out our Malaysian and Brazilian hair extensions.

Q: Can this hair be colored or dyed?

A: Yes, since our hair is 100% raw virgin human hair it can most definitely be colored. You can treat this hair just like you would treat your natural hair. Its best qualities are its durability and longevity.

Q: Are all of the cuticles intact?

A: Yes, since this hair is virgin remy hair all over the cuticles are intact, flowing in the same direction. You are guaranteed to love this hair!

Q: What is the difference between raw hair and virgin hair?

A: Raw hair is hair that hasn't been chemically or mechanically altered in any way. Virgin hair by definition is hair that hasn't been chemically or mechanically altered in any way. The confusion comes when vendors started labeling hair with processed curls as "virgin" hair. Meaning any hair that comes in exotic curl/wave patterns like body wave, deep wave, loose wave, kinky curly, etc.

Raw hair only come in three basic natural curl/wave patterns which are straight, curly, and wavy. Any other curly would be considered a processed curly and would disqualify the hair from being considered "raw".

Q: What are some of the main advantages of using raw hair?

A: Raw bundles are thicker and fuller, the hair is also higher quality and longer lasting. Raw hair looks extremely natural and blends well with all types of hair. The cuticles are align so shedding and matting are virtually very minimal to non-existent. Raw hair has absolutely no chemical processing, no dyes, no cleaners, no mix hair. Raw hair extension are sourced from one single donor.

Q: How Long Does Raw Hair Bundles Last?

A: There are many determining factors when trying to gauge how long your raw hair will last but our customers typically get 2+ years out of their raw hair extensions. In order to get the most out of your raw hair extensions you must care for them properly. Your hair extensions must be washed and conditioned properly. You must also make sure to keep your hair moisturized.

Q: Why are the texture and color of my raw hair bundles slightly different?

A: Raw bundles are collected from one single donor so when you receive the hair you receive it as it was on the donors head. With this being said no two bundles of raw hair will be alike, its just not possible. There will always be some slight difference in each bundle of raw hair. Each bundle of raw hair will be similar but not identical.

Q: How many raw hair extensions will I need for a sew in?

A: One of the most common questions we receive from our clients is "how many bundles will I need for an install?"

Our clients typically go with 3 bundles when doing a traditional sew in with leave out.

When installing longer lengths, like 22" or longer some of our clients like to go with 4 bundles of hair to achieve a fuller look.

When installing a frontal or closure our clients like to use 3 bundles plus closure or frontal.

Q: When will my order ship?

Please allow 24-48 hours for orders to be processed and for tracking to be uploaded. Please allow at least 5 business days for hair to arrive to you. If there is any issue or delay we can be contacted via email, messenger, WhatsApp, text, or phone. We have multiple ways you can contact us to resolve any shipping issues as soon as possible because when know you need your raw hair immediately!