Where To Buy Raw Indian Virgin Hair Extensions

Have you been searching for somewhere to buy raw Indian virgin hair extensions? We’re going to be going over a few things you should know before purchasing raw hair extensions.


What to know about raw indian hair extensions

Raw indian hair extensions are one hundred percent unprocessed human hair extensions, raw hair extensions are sourced from one single donor which means that raw Indian hair is also considered virgin hair.

When collecting the raw Indian hair it is pulled together into a ponytail and cut. That hair is then banded, the band is only removed during the wefting process to ensure that hair from other donors don’t mix in.

Since raw hair is collected from a real human being its going to come in the same wave pattern as it was on the donors head. If you decide to order raw hair bundles note that the color and texture of each bundle most likely will be different. Raw hair normally comes in straight, natural wave, and curly.

Raw hair is extremely durable and can be treated just like your natural hair. It can be lifted up to a #613, it can be curled, it can take heat well.

How long does raw indian hair last

Raw hair is known for its longevity, it usually last two plus years with proper care. You should gently wash and condition your raw hair bundles as needed. You must also make sure your keep your hair moisturized. Raw hair is usually coarse when you receive it but once you wash and condition it can be some of the prettiest hair you’ve ever seen!


Can Raw Hair Extensions Be Dyed

Raw hair extensions can definitely be dyed, raw hair takes color extremely well. Raw hair can be lifted all the way up to a #613 with ease.

With that being said if you decide to try raw hair extensions you can go crazy with the color!


How Many Bundles Do I Need?

Most women use about three bundles of hair when doing a traditional sew in. If using a lace frontal or closure they use three as well. Only when installing a 360 lace frontal, we suggest that you use two bundle.

Difference Between Raw Hair And Virgin Hair

The difference between raw hair and virgin hair is that raw hair is completely unprocessed. Virgin hair can sometimes be processed to achieve a certain curl or wave pattern. The wave and curl patterns on raw hair are slight. Someone like deep wave, body wave, kinky curly, afro kinky, etc. To achieve these specific wave/curl patterns the hair must be machine processed which would disqualify it from being “raw”.

What makes hair virgin is the fact that is collected from one single donor and isn’t mixed with any other hair.

Raw Hair Qualities:


  • Full and thick bundles
  • Higher quality and longer lasting hair extensions
  • Natural looking and flowing hair that blends with any hair type
  • Cuticle aligned hair. No matting or tangling
  • No chemical processing EVER
  • Hair is purely from one person no blended lengths or synthetic hair

Types Of Raw Indian Hair

Raw indian hair usually comes in three different textures or wave patterns. It comes in straight, natural wave, and curly. Raw hair does not come in any other texture but those three so if someone offers you deep wave raw hair just run away and hide.

raw indian curly hair extension

 To learn more about raw hair check out our article on what is raw hair.

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