What are Mink Hair Hair Extensions?

Seems like every one is obsessed with mink hair extensions, but what is mink hair? Is it made from an actual mink? Of course not, if this article we’ll try to explain the best way possible as to what mink hair really is.

The term mink hair usually refers to extremely high quality virgin remy hair, I mean the highest of quality. Virgin hair that last up to 3 years. This hair is usually extremely thick and full. Mink hair extensions color really well, have double stitch weft construction, all the cuticles flow in the same direction, sourced from one single donor and weigh 100+ grams. This hair is extremely luxurious and soft with a natural shine.


These are all traits of high quality hair whether its Brazilian mink, Peruvian, south east asian, or Indian.

When shopping for Mink hair or any other high quality virgin hair, here are some things you should look for.

  • Is this 100% Human Hair?
  • Is the hair Remy or Virgin Remy?
  • Does the hair take well to color?
  • How is the weft constructed
  • How thick and full are the bundles, how much do they weigh?

Remy Hair-  The term remy hair refers to hair in which all the hair follicles flow in the same direction. When the hair is originally collected it is held in a ponytail and cut ensuring that all the hair strands align in the natural direction that it grew. This is why remy hair is known for its ability to be tangle resistant. If you’ve ever had hair that tangled as soon as you washed it, thats a sign of low quality non-remy hair. This hair can sometimes be collected from multiple donors as well. Remy hair can also be lightly processed to preserve its luster. Remy hair can come from Brazil, Malaysia, Peru, Asia or India.

Virgin Hair- Virgin hair is hair that is 100% unprocessed meaning this hair has never been bleached, blow dried, colored, permed, chemically process, smoked around or exposed to any other harsh elements. Virgin hair is more time consuming to collect and must meet rigorous standards to be considered “virgin”. This hair is collected from one single donor with all of the hair follicles flowing in the same direction. Virgin hair  can come from Brazil, Malaysia, Peru, Asia or India.

Check out our article on what is virgin hair to learn more.


If you ever see a vendor refer to their hair as 5A, 6A, 8A, they are trying to convey the quality of the hair to you.

Like when you’re in school, the best grade you can get is an “A” but when you do really well you get some pluses added behind the “A”.

If a vendor is saying their hair is “5a” he’s saying its A+++++

5a-7a usually refers to remy hair

7a-10a usually refers to virgin hair


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Even though some companies use these terms to describe their hair it doesn’t actually mean thats what you’ll receive when you purchase the hair. Its best to do your research then figure out which kind of hair suits your needs.

Do you need hair for the short term that doesn’t need to be the best quality?

Do you need high quality hair that can be treated like your own hair and last 2-3 years?

Where do Mink brazilian hair extensions come from?

Since the term mink hair simply refers to high quality virgin hair its sourced from hair donors in India. Almost 100% of virgin hair in existence is sourced from India. Donors gather every day to donate their hair for religious purposes. Names like brazilian, Peruvian, etc. come from the texture of the hair resembling these countries and sometimes its just marketing.

The hair does not come from a mink, a Brazilian women, or a brazilian mink its really just marketing terms. Most hair is originally sourced from India.


Whats the difference between Mink hair and Virgin hair?

There is no real difference between virgin hair and mink hair except the longevity of the hair. Mink hair is just a higher quality virgin hair that last a little bit longer. Good virgin hair is know to last up to 2 years. Mink virgin hair is know to last up to 3 years.


To put it into perspective we’ll use our hair as an example using handbags, I know most of your are familiar with nice hand bags.

Our Maylasian hair would compare to a louis vuitton speedy, its a very nice, high quality bag thats moderately priced. A very good high end starter bag. Our malaysian hair is ver good quality Remy 100% human hair. Its priced very reasonably and our customers love it, its one of our best selling hair extensions.

Our Brazilian hair is more of a louis vuitton keepall, a bigger more recognizable bag. The bag you get when you’ve taken your game to the next level. Our Brazilian hair is very good quality Virgin Remy 100% human hair. This hair can take color extremely well, it has double stitch weft construction, all the cuticles flow in the same direction and is  sourced from one single donor. Last upto 2 years with proper care.


Our Mink Brazilian Hair Extensions is the Pink Crocodile Skin Birkin Bag, this bag recently sold for $222,912. Even if you just had an extra $200k just sitting around it still wouldn’t be enough for this bag because it isn’t for sale. This is the bag you wear when you’re at the highest level. Our Mink Brazilian Hair Extensions is extremely great quality Virgin remy 100% human hair. With proper care this hair will last you up to 3 years. This hair can be colored any color you can imagine, the wefts are double stitch constructed, this hair is sourced from one single donor, all the cuticles go in the same direction, and is extremely thick.



mink brazilian hair extenisons

Love this installation, especially the attention to detail around her edges. Her hairs is so full and thick, this is another example of brazilian mink hair extensions. Compliments to the stylist and model.

mink hair extensions

Heres an example of mink Brazilian hair extensions colored blonde. We just love the styling and color on this install, the stylist did a really good job.

brazilian mink hair

Check out this example of brazilian mink hair extensions in a 20-24-28 with an 18″ frontal. Her hair is so luxurious and full.


Mink Brazilian Hair Extensions

Love how sleek, shiny, and thick this hair is.

brazilian mink hair

Look and how thick full and luxurious this hair is, this is another example of brazilian mink hair.

mink hair colored green

Love this picture, heres an example of mink brazilian hair extensions colored green, this hair takes color like to other hair. The model is so gorgeous and make up is on point. Just look at how laid her hair is, she pulls off the green extremely well.


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