How Much Does It Cost To Sew In Hair Extensions?

Wondering how much sew in hair extension cost? Most people seem to believe that sew in hair extension installs are extremely expensive. Sew in hair extensions installs can be expensive but you can also get them installed at a reasonable price. We will break down the different types of sew in installs and how the price can vary.

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One of the main factors when determining how much your install will cost is figuring out what kind of hair you want installed.

Types of hair:

-Synthetic – this is going to be your least expensive option, I wouldn’t reccommend using synthetic hair for a sew in install. Its going to be extremely limited on how you can style it since you can necessarily apply heat to it.

Cost: $20+ for a full head

Non-Remy Hair – This is going to be mixed hair sometimes collected from salon floors. This hair is usually acid washed, colored, then dipped in silicon. This hair may look and feel good initially but after a few washes the hair will begin to matte and tangle. Wouldn’t really recommend this type of hair either unless you only plan on using it temporarily. This hair usually last three months or less.

Cost: $50+ for a full head

Remy Human Hair – Remy human hair can be mixed but it does come with the cuticle in tact so you dont have to worry about the hair getting tangled or matting up. This hair is considered medium grade, its what most women wear. Remy hair usually last 3-6 months.

Cost: $150+ for a full head.

Virgin Hair – Virgin hair is the highest quality hair available. Virgin hair comes from one single donor and has the cuticle intact. Virgin hair isn’t mixed with any other hair, it isn’t treated or dyed. Virgin hair can be treated just like you would treat your own natural hair. Most women use their virgin hair for 3+ years before replacing it.

Cost: $300+ for a full head.

Cost Of Sew In Install

Now that you’ve figured out which type of hair extensions you will use you have to get them installed.

The cost of install can vary depending on how many extensions you’re installing, location, stylist, and more.

On the low end you can pay $50-150 to install 3 bundles of hair.

On the high end you can pay $175-$300+ to install 3 bundles of hair.

If you install a closure plus 3 bundles of hair you can pay $150+

If you install a frontal plus 2/3 bundles you can pay $175-$600+

These prices exclude hair

A traditional 3 bundle sew in usually last 2-3 months before needing to get it redone so consider that when determining how much you will spend on your install.

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Frontal sew ins need to be touched up and maintained every few weeks so make sure you do your research when trying to determine if a frontal sew in is for you or not.


How much does it cost to sew in hair extensions?