Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Clip In Hair Extensions Pros Ands Cons

Clip in extensions are a very popular temporary hair extension technique. The hair wefts are applied using a small clip. Clip in hair extensions are perfect for someone who isn’t fully committed to wearing hair extensions daily. Clip in extensions can easily be applied on the go. If you aren’t too fond of the clip in method theres another type of hair extensions thats attached using an undetectable wire. These are called halo hair extensions. Essentially the same concept of a clip in extension.


 Clip in human hair extensions

Clip in human hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, these hair externs could be a little more expensive but for the versatile and longevity its totally worth it. Human Hair clip in extensions off the most natural look and feel, these extensions are extremely soft and lustrous. Clip in human hair extensions can be virgin or remy or both. It is important when caring for human hair extension that you use gentle hair care products and to make sure that your hair is constantly moisturized and conditioned.

 Remy clip in hair extensions 

Remy clip in hair extensions are hair extensions that are made from Remy hair. The term remy refers to hair that has been collected from many hair donors and mixed together. Remy hair could also be processed or colored, while virgin hair is cut from one donor and unprocessed. High quality remy clip in hair extensions are collected directly from a single donors hair in full length strands. Remy hair can be sourced from Europe, Asia, and India. High quality remy hair is less susceptible to tangling and blends well with your natural hair. High quality clip in hair extensions are gently processed to preserve cuticles and make sure they stay in tact.

Pros and cons of clip in hair extensions 


Extremely versatile since you have the option of applying and removing the hair extension on a daily basis

Clip in hair extensions can be installed at home without having to go to a licensed stylist.

You can change your style and color whenever you’d like.


Hair usually only last for a few months depending on where you purchase from.

Clip in hair extensions aren’t ideal for someone with thin hair.

Clip in extension cant be worn for extended periods of time.

Sew in hair extensions 

Sew in extensions, also known as bundles, weaves, sew-ins are popular amongst women with thick, coarse, or curly hair. The clients natural hair is braided to create a base for the sew in extensions to be applied. One the base is complete the wefts are sewn in using a needle and thread.

 Sew In Hair Extensions Pros Ands Cons


Sew in hair extensions are most suitable for thick, coarse hair.

No heat or glue is required for applying sew in extensions

Since sew in hair extensions are sewn in, they are extremely secure


Limited hair styling options depending on which sew in technique you use.

If hair is braided too tight, headaches could occur.

Tight braids can also cause unnecessary tension on your natural hair and traction alopecia.

The hair extensions need to be washed regularly or bacteria can build up causing the hair to smell unpleasant.


Tape In Hair Extensions Pros Ands Cons

Tape in extensions is one of the new hair extension methods available. Tape in extensions are usually applied using double or single-sided tape. When applying double sided tape in extensions, the extensions is usually sandwiched by the clients own natural hair. Single sided tape in extensions are usually reserved for areas around the temp of the head or for clients who have extremely thin hair.

Tape in hair extensions can be costly depending on factors like that quality or brand of hair you decide to purchase, the application fee, and the number of hair pieces required for you to achieve your desired look.


adds Instant volume and length

easy to apply yourself at home

can last up to 8-12 weeks with proper care

extremely secure, as long as they are applied correctly.

Very easy to remove

Allows for versatile hair styling

Looks extremely natural

No heat or tools required to apply tape in extensions

One of the fastest applications. Can take just under an hour to add length and 30 minutes or so to add volume.


High maintenance

can be expensive depending on extensions

Hair must not be washed within 48 hours of initial application

Silicone or oil based products could cause the extensions to slip.

Tape in extensions can be heavy depending on how many you use.

The tracks can show if they aren’t applied correctly

Tape ins can knot if your hair isn’t properly brushed