Best Argan Oil For Hair

Your hair can become dry and brittle from a numerous amount of different factors like poor nutritions, disease, sunlight, and aging. Argan oil possess many different healing properties which can ultimately benefit your hair. It can also benefit your skin and nails. Argan oil is sourced from organ trees and can assist facilitating a healthy scalp so that your hair grows thick and full!

Below we will list some of the best argan oil products you can purchase on amazon.

Argan Oil For Hair Benefits

Other than encouraging natural hair growth, organ oil can help hair in multiple other ways. You only have to apply organ oil once per day to experience the full benefits.

  • Argan oil can act as a conditioner, softening dry hair and helps reduce the appearance of dry split ends.
  • Argan oil works well as a leave in conditioner, it has a great nutty fragrance. Its also light and smooth so it won’t weigh your hair down.
  • You can use it as a styling product. A few drops of the oil will help keep your hair in place and prevent frizzy dry looking hair.
  • This oil will also keep your hair from looking greasy

Argan Oil For Hair Loss

Argan oil can help with healing your hair follicles which will allow your hair to grow fuller and healthier. There are a number of reasons for hair loss like age, poor dieting, lack of nutrients, over-styling your hair, dyeing your hair, and fungal infections to name a few.

Arga oil contains key compounds that are essential to hair growth suck as vitamin E, oleic, linoleic, palmitic, and stearic fatty acids.


Argan Oil For Hair Products


Aria Starr Beauty ORGANIC Argan Oil For Hair

Aria Starr is one of the highest rated and highest quality argan oils available, it has numerous natural healing properties such as anti-aging, anti-frizz, anti-oxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory benefits

Argan Oil Uses:

Relieve dry, cracked and itchy skin by massaging the argan oil into your skin. Pure argan oil absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feeling. Perfect for the winter season, argan oil provides deep moisture and hydration that will alleviate chapped and sensitive skin. It also includes natural healing properties that can help diminish stretch marks and scars.

Massage the argan oil into your scalp and leave on as a conditioning mask before shampooing for a deep treatment that will give your hair natural shine. Place a small amount in your palm and work into dry hair for an all-natural anti-frizz treatment. Work the argan oil into the ends of your hair to help prevent split ends before styling.

A nourishing moisturizer, argan oil is great for nails and cuticles. Soothe unwanted hang nails and have your nails looking healthy and shiny by massaging the oil into your nails and cuticles.

Helpful 5 Star ★★★★★ Reviews:

Always be a smart shopper!
July 20, 2016
Size: 1 FL OZ|Verified Purchase
I am not much of a hair oil fan simply because I dont like the look or feel of greasy hair. Even applying certain hairsprays weighs down my hair at times.
I decided to try this oil specifically for my hair as I generally use organix moroccan argan oil conditioner. It is a good product but obviously it isnt real argan oil and regular shampoos and conditioners have other chemicals etc. I digress.
I tried on this oil in my hair immediately. Before I did so, I made sure to test it for authenticity.
Real argan oil is ALWAYS only strictly labeled as 100% argan oil (the scientific name). If a product has anything else -even water- it is not entirely pure. So that is one.
Second, real argan oil needs to be perserved in a dark thick glass. No plastic, or silly fancy bottles. Just dark glass. This is because the quality of the oil will go bad if it is exposed to air, light. Imagine buying certain vitamins or hydrogen peroxide in a clear bottle as opposed to dark bottles which they are encased in generally. You wouldnt do that. Because youre careful about what you put in your body. So should you too…in your hair.
The best test for argan oil however, is to test the smell and how well it absorbs into the skin. It should absorb pretty lightning quick after a few seconds/rubs, and it should have a slight nutty scent. It comes in a nut. So ergo, check for a scent. Meaning if it is unscented, either its been stripped of its scent through chemical processes or its not one hundred percent authentic.
I dont know about the reviewer who said this smells like eu-de-turpentine whatever she said. It does not have the greatest scent in the world. This is not organix. This is natural and not chemical. So if sensitivity to scent is what is deterring you away from a good product, then that might not help you here, because this oil and many other natural oils do not smell like cotton candy.
I rubbed a bit into my palms and on my left arm and it absorbed very, very quick. That is very very good. I dont like greasy or oily products (irony) but this oil, unlike others, does not have that nasty slimy feel when applicated (i.e. think coconut oil, olive oil)
I was able to grasp and hold objects without them falling or slipping from my hands because of the layer of thick oil you get from just rubbing on a lotion or body oil.
The scent was slightly nutty but did not smell as though it was a delectable nutty scent. So dont be alarmed if it smells different from this. People are exceptionally good at smelling the same exact thing and sensing smells differently. Which is why nobody else will probably agree with the very detailed reviewers idea of what it smelled like.
If it smells horrid, it is possible it went bad/rancid.
I cant speak for everyone else, but my bottle came closed shut, sealed and exceptionally packaged. I had another bottle of some other expensive product delivered in just a simple bubble mailer. No protection whatsoever. So I was more than willing to give 5 stars for the time put into packaging the dropper and the bottle.
The bottle was wrapped in bubble wrap. No spills, leaks or damage. The dropper, seperately wrapped, had a label with the expiration date of the oil and the batch number.
Usually from my experience, sellers are not that intelligent to go the whole 9 yards with packaging, labeling, bottling, etc if its a fake. Simply because when you value something, you put more effort into it. Now, that being said….
I believe this product is authenthic, however, I was a little iffy about the price, because real argan oil is very expensive. The process of extracting the oil itself is not easy and therefore costly. But, it is very possible to be authenthic and just have a decent price tag. Many other oils are also relatively priced. And everything else about the oil is good.
Now, I will be posting pictures up later when I have used it for a while but I can say with confidence that I applied 2 droppers full in my very long, thick hair. And my hair felt very good. I have had a lot of stress, from simply being a woman – that is stressful enough- and my hair has been shedding. So, after applying this oil JUST once, it stopped shedding.
My hair looked not only soft but felt smooth. No frizz. No poof. No dullness. It truly looks shiny without the greasy look. This and apple cider vinegar are the only two things I believe will make your hair glow with a shine that isnt greasy. It did not weigh down my hair and actually made my hair feel very light. Normally I have thick, wavy hair. And applying this oil and brushing some strokes later, my hair was straighter, not as poofy and felt very silky. Just one use.
I was going to give it 4.5 because I thought real argan oil should be more expensive but then I thought….are you kidding me.
Virgin USDA Organic Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair

This VoilaVe Organic Argan oil for hair is USDA certified organic and produced using some of the highest standards in the industry. This argan oil is even produced in an FDA and USDA certified bottling facility.

Nothing compares to argan oil when you want to restore the natural shine of your hair, reduce frizz, and repair split ends. This our nourishes your hair follicles and leaves your hair soft and silky. It also protects against harmful heat from flat-irons, blow dryers, and curlers. For a deep overnight conditioning put about 10 drops in your palm and massage deeply into your scalp, wrap your head with your favorite scarf and let the oil work its magic. You can also try adding argan oil to your favorite shampoo.


Q: Where does your Argan come from?

A: Our Argan oil is grown, harvested, and cold-pressed in Morocco. We then import the oil to the U.S. where we bottle and package it.

Q: Can this oil be used with foundation?

A: Yes it can. First gently massage 1-2 drops of Argan oil onto your face. Allow approximately five minutes for the skin to fully absorb the oil then apply foundation and/or other makeup.

Q: Can men use this on beards?

A: Absolutely! Argan oil promotes healthy beard growth, softens facial hair, and conditions your beard. Simply massage the oil into your palms then work gently into your beard.

Helpful 5 Star ★★★★★ Reviews:

Face Cream No More!
April 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
Initially, I was on a hunt for a new hair oil. I’d purchased a very pricey Moroccan hair oil from a cosmetics store and though I loved it, I did not love the $50 price tag, so I took to Amazon, read reviews, did a little research on the Internet and decided that Argan oil is what I needed to try. I found this particular brand intriguing because the price was so reasonable and the reviews were so good.
I am so pleased with this purchase. I never thought I would dare put an oil on my face, fearing that I would break out, but I’ve been using this on my face for more than a week and my skin is beautiful. It absorbs quickly and my makeup brushes over the oil base without issue. And even though I use a foundation powder, I can still feel the softness of my skin under the powder. My face has a soft somewhat dewy look…not oily or shiny! I’ve just got a soft glow that peaks out from behind the makeup in all the right places.
It also goes on very light and not at all greasy! The trick is to not use too much! When they recommend 1-3 drops that’s all you need. I just push out a small pump and rub it between my palms and smooth it over my face. Perfect!
I noticed someone’s complaint that for treating their hair it was too thick and heavy…again, you only need a little bit. The first time I tried it in my hair, I used way too much, but the second time, I just pumped once into my palms and rubbed them together then I ran my hands through my hair making sure to rub it in to my split ends. My hair looks amazing now.
I’ve also started using it on my breasts to remove stretch marks. I’m not sure how well it can do, but I do believe that moisturizing your breasts with the oil can only help.
It also works great with dry patches of skin. My elbows get ashy…common Filipino burden and when they get ashy they get dark. I’ve started to slough my elbows and then rub this oil into them and after just a few days my elbows are soft and no longer discolored.
I also saw that there had been complaints by some that their product smelled like rotten walnuts? I haven’t experienced this. My oil has a very faint scent if it has a scent at all. I think that if you happen along a bad batch, which I can’t imagine is often if you take into consideration all of the favorable reviews, that you simply do an exchange for a new bottle.
I’m in love with this Argan oil. I’ve never been one to have much of a beauty routine, but this oil has become mine and it’s all I need.
PURA D'OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil for hair

This argan oil is pure, natural, organic, unrefined, cold pressed, and chemical free. This argan oil is also free of pesticides, sulfates, colorants, synthetic fragrances, and parabens.

This oil helps restore elasticity while softening fine lines and wrinkles. It can also heal dry scalp and restore nutrient content to your skin.

Key Benefits Of This Argan Oil:

  • Diminishes wrinkles
  • Creates softer and smoother skin
  • Reduces scarring and stretch marks
  • Relieves eczema and psoriasis
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Compatible with any skin and hair type
  • Treat dry skin, eczema & psoriasis
    • Reduce facial blemishes
    • Reduce muscle pain
    • Reduce the appearance of scars
    • Effective moisturizer
    • Non oily, non-greasy & deep penetration
    • Reduce wrinkles
    • Treat dark circles under eyes
    • Mild anti-bacterial
    • Treat dry, brittle, frizzy & damaged hair
    • Protect from cold winds, pollutions & smoke

Helpful 5 Star ★★★★★ Reviews:

Argan Oil is amazing!
August 3, 2016
Verified Purchase


Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil for hair


Known as liquid gold of Morocco,” Argan oil can be used on everything from your feet to your hair. It is loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which helps heal, condition and repair every part of your body. Josie’s Light version has all the same benefits as the regular oil but it absorbs faster and is more lightweight on your skin. It will leave you radiant and moisturized with a matte finish.

Helpful 5 Star ★★★★★ Reviews:

 So many uses. So many benefits! I prefer the light formulation over the original. It soaks in faster and leaves less on the surface. I use it to cleanse, moisturize, use around eyes on my dry and brittle eye lashes and eye brows, on cuticle, lips, dry hair, and skin everywhere! It’s a perfect product! I use the balm and body butter, too! 


Molivera Organics Premium Argan Oil for hair

This is premium grade A organic triple extra virgin argan oil, the manufacturer guarantees the quality and freshness 100%.

This argan oil is fragrance free, hexane free, preservative free, chemical free, cold pressed, and 100% vegan. Its also fast absorbing, non-greasy, and light weight. Perfect for your hair and skin.

Want revitalized, luscious, soft, touchable, lustrous, and visibly healthy and happy hair. Brings life back into Skin and Hair. Almost Magical results- Off the charts high in Anti-Oxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, and Vitamins (Especially Vitamin E).

Manufacturer Description:


Our Argan Oil is the highest premium grade available, Certified Organic,100% pure, Grade A, Triple Extra Virgin, and is guaranteed the freshest. This quality is unrivaled by any other Argan Oil in the world. Unlike other brands, our Argan Oil is cold pressed; it has not gone through the harsh extraction process that overheats and strips the oil of its healing properties. Argan Oil is deeply healing, because of its extremely high contents of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and Vitamins. It is actually one of the highest sources of Vitamin E known to man. Molivera Organics Argan Oil drastically improves the health, look and feel of your hair and skin almost magically. Deeply moisturizing, fast absorbing, anti-aging, and rejuvenating.
We send our oil in a UV protective bottle, to keep out damaging light & keep in healing properties.

Helpful 5 Star ★★★★★ Reviews:

Molivera Organics Premium Argan Oil 4 fl oz
March 17, 2017
Verified Purchase
Since giving the above review, I have used two more times and now I can say this is a wonderful product. So glad I found it. I used it on wet hair the first and it was great. I have VERY dry hair in spots so I put some in my hand, rubbed them together and went over my entire head without going too deep and let it dry. Turned out great…..very shiny and soft. 5 stars

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